PB-2022-15-GT Jackson Properties-Minor Subdivision-B 69- L 1.05-1.07 & 1.09

PB-2022-16-K.Sarama-Minor Subdivision

PB-2022-11-Marble Arch Homes-2065 Hwy 37-Amended Preliminary and Final Site Plan

Application #2022-13 AmeriGas Propane – WaWa – 1180 Highway 70

Application# 2022-09-Leisure Village West-Minor Site Plan Application

Application# 2022-12-Jeffrey Jerman-Minor Subdivision Application

Area in Need of Redevelopment- Volante Rd

Application# 2022-08-Sue Erikson-Minor Subdivision

Application# 2022-10-Manchester Apartments LLC

2022-02-The Barn-InspireNJ-1.33-8-1330 Hwy 70

Application# 2022-03-Ronald Raisin

Application# 2022-01-PKN Developments LLC

Application# 2020-00258-Paramount Commons at Whiting

2065 Route 37 Documents

Block 38 / Lot 4 – #2132 Rt. 37 Preliminary/Final Site Plan Approval Documents