For Property Maintenance Inquires,
Please call Ext. 3912

For Zoning Inquires,
Please call Ext. 3908

For Vacant Property Registration Inquires,
Please call Ext. 3911


Pasquale Popolizio – Zoning Official

Erin Mathioudakis – Administrative Assistant to Zoning Officer

Matt Quinn – Chief Code Enforcement Officer

Amanda Kisty – Code Enforcement Officer

2019 Township Zoning Map

The office of Planning and Zoning is responsible for all applications for development that come before either the Planning Board or The Board of Adjustment. Application forms for the Planning Board and Board of Adjustment can be picked up, with a visit to our office or by way of the below link. The fee schedule is also available to determine the necessary fees prior to submittal. Any questions regarding the application forms or required application fees can be answered by contacting our office during the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

The application for a zoning permit can be acquired from our office during the hours reflected above or by way of the following link http://www.manchestertwp.com/forms/. Zoning permits are required for any change of use and almost all building and renovation work, including accessory structures such as fences and shed installations. Please be advised that the zoning permit must be accompanied by a scaled/original sized copy plot plan showing the proposed size and location of any proposed development of the property. The plot plan must also show all proposed front, rear, and side setbacks from the property lines.

Code for the Township of Manchester Land Use Ordinance is Section 245



Where do I pick up applications for sheds, decks, fences, signs, etc.?
They are available at the Department of Inspections, Land Use, & Planning located in the basement of Town Hall.

How high can a fence be constructed?
On interior fee simple lots, up to 4 feet, except for side and rear yards where it can be up to 6 feet in height. Fences are not permitted in easements or senior communities with shared common grounds. Contact our office for corner lot requirements.

Can the fence be installed on the property line?
Yes, but we recommend a few inches inside the property.

Must the fence be installed with the “good side” out?

How many accessory building such as garages, sheds, pergolas, gazebos, and pavilions are permitted on a residential lot.
The quantity of accessory building is limited by total area, maximum building coverage, and in some cases maximum lot coverage. At a minimum, the total area of all structures must not exceed 1,000 square feet and garages are limited to a height of 16 feet while sheds and all other accessory buildings are limited to a height of 12 feet.

How large can a detached garage be?
Notwithstanding maximum building and lot coverage, garage size is limited to the amount of available area as it pertains to existing accessory buildings. For example, if you have a 200 square foot shed on your property then you are limited to an 800 square foot garage. Be reminded that the total area allowed for accessory buildings is 1,000 square feet.

Are driveways required for detached residential garages?
Yes, all new detached residential garages will require access driveways paved in accordance with Township Ordinance 245-81N. In addition, post frame construction buildings (A.K.A. “Pole Barns”) are permitted for a garage use accessory to a residential home, provided that they are constructed on a slab.

Are temporary signs such as banners, streamers, lawn signs, & wind sails permitted?
All temporary signs, displays, and all other forms of temporary or competitive advertising are strictly prohibited pursuant to Township Ordinance 245-27(8) & (9).

Is a property survey required for all Zoning Permit?
Yes, a copy of a legible survey of the property (drawn to scale) indicating all existing and proposed buildings, site improvements, & structures is required.

Are zoning permits required for driveway replacement or expansions?
Yes, zoning permits are required for all proposed driveway replacement or expansions including cases where new blacktop is being placed on an existing driveway. All driveways must meet a five foot (5Ft) side yard setback requirement and must not cause a violation of the maximum lot coverage requirement of the zone.

I own four 25-foot-wide contiguous lots in Pine Lake park equal to 10,000 square feet. Is lot consolidation required to create a conforming buildable lot?
Yes, undersized lots under common ownership must be consolidated by way of Deed to create a conforming buildable lot prior to development. This will require an application to the Township’s Tax assessor for a new lot number and address if applicable. The Deed will then have to be recorded with the County Clerk. Once recorded, a copy of the recorded Deed must be submitted to the Township Tax Assessor as proof of consolidation.

When do I need a tree removal permit?
Tree removal permits are required whenever an area of tree in excess of 225 square feet is being removed for purposes such as development, driveway expansion, creation of a recreational area, etc. In no case shall tree removal reduce tree density to less than 10 trees per acre. Lot clearing for development purposes will require a tree removal permit along with a re-forestation plan detailing the location, species, and size of trees to be planted. The objective of this regulation is to preserve trees wherever it can be accomplished.



Township’s Geographic Information System (GIS).

Township’s Tax Map


Code Enforcement

Since the adoption of our new code book, Manchester Township now operates under the 2006 International Property Maintenance Code. This book is on file in the Zoning office and the Office of the Municipal Clerk for public viewing.

The property maintenance code addresses requirements for house numbers intended to identify premises for emergency response, basic visual maintenance issues as well as rodent and swimming pool sanitation problems. It addresses our residents’ concerns to protect property values and quality of life issues and helps to address the many complaints we receive each year. This code is designed to protect the health, safety and welfare of all Manchester residents.

Information Regarding the Abandoned/Vacant Property Registry