Crawl Spaces Meter and Radio – Manchester Resident Notification Letter

Where is the Utilities Plant located and what is the phone number, fax number and email address?


The Utilities Plant is located at 2515 Ridgeway Rd, Manchester, NJ  08759 behind the Manchester Little League Complex.  The phone number is 732-914-1200.  The fax number is 732-914-1204 and email is plant@manchestertwp.com.


What are the hours of operation?


Hours of operation are 7 am – 3 pm (Monday – Friday).


Who do you call if you have an after hours water or sewer emergency?


Call Manchester Police at 732-657-6111.


Questions on your water and sewer bill?


Contact Manchester Township Revenue Collections located at 1 Colonial Drive, Manchester, NJ 08759, 732-657-8121 ext. 3700.  (Click Here)


Where can you pay or mail your water and sewer bill?


Manchester Township Attn:  Revenue Collections located at 1 Colonial Drive, Manchester, NJ 08759. (Click Here)


Need to change your address?


Complete this document and forward to Manchester Township Revenue Collections located at 1 Colonial Drive, Manchester, NJ 08759.


Final Water Read Requests?


Final water read requests must be faxed over to Revenue Collections first before scheduling an inside water read appointment.  Fax requests to 732-408-0370.


For inside Final Reads, re-reads, de-winterizations, winterizations, water turn on and turn off a person must be present for an appointment.  We will not use a lock box or go into a vacant home.  Appointments are scheduled M-F between the hours of 8 am and 2:30 pm.  To schedule an appointment call the Utilities Plant at 732-914-1200.



Where do you purchase a water or irrigation meter?


For the Eastern & Western Service Area, you can contact Core & Main:

Core and Main

5142 W Hurley Pond Rd.

Farmingdale, NJ 0777


Phone # 732-938-6370

Fax # 732-938-9171


Eastern Service Area is everything east of the Route 70 Lakehurst Circle.  Pine Lake Park, Autumn Ridge, Renaissance, Leisure Knoll, River Pointe, Suncrest Village, Pine Acres Manor, Summit Park, Leisure Village West, Leisure Ridge, Holly Oaks, Rolling Meadows, Richard Estates, Silverwoods, Clearstream Estates, Savannah Acres, Oaks Knoll & Route 571.


Western Service Area is everything west of the Route 70 Lakehurst Circle.  Crestwood Villages 1-7, Pine Ridge, Pine Ridge South, Meadows, Whiting Station, Lennar at Lake Ridge, Country Walk, Venue at Woodlands and Cedar Glen Lakes (sewer only).


When is hydrant flushing done in Manchester?


Hydrant flushing is done twice a year in the spring April & May and fall October & November.  (Post notices when we are currently flushing)


Where are the Annual Drinking Water Quality Reports located?