Veterans Advisory Committee

Roger P. Grenier Chairman
Stanley Perlman Vice Chairman
Art Wright, Jr. Member
Joseph Rucci, Jr. Member
Robert Jacobs Member
John Holzer Member
Vito Jadelis Member
Al Adler Member
Matt Pagliano Member
Mark Gallagher Member
Bobby Ippolito Member
William N. Peck Member
Craig Wallis Council Liaison
Tracey Lynch Secretary

The following businesses in Manchester support our veterans by providing discounts to those who have served our Country.

All Star Bagel (Rt. 37) 10% off
Applebees (Rt. 70) 10% off the Veteran’s entrée
Cafe Napoli (Rt. 70) 10% off
Carmona-Bolen Home for Funerals (Lacy Road) 5% off cremation, 10% off burial
Dairy Queen (Rt. 70) 10% off
Gregory’s Seafood (Rt. 37) 5% off
JB’s Diner (Rt. 70) 10% off for Active Duty only
Lakehurst Dry Cleaners (Rt. 70) 10% off
Lowes (Rt. 70) 10% off
Martucci’s Flashback Diner (Lacey Road) 10% off
Spirits Xpress (Rt. 37) 10% off

Thank you to all those businesses for your support.

If you are a local business in Manchester and you offer discounts to veterans please contact:

We would like to recognize our Veteran owned businesses in town:

  • Manchester Kum Sung Martial Arts – Rt. 70
  • Chuck’s Ice Cream Company – Whiting

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Veterans Advisory Committee
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