A new app aimed at making recycling and waste collection information easily accessible through smart devices and web browsers is now available to Manchester Township residents, free of charge.

The “Recycle Coach” app allows residents to enter their address and receive information about pickup times for recyclables and solid waste in their community and what products can and can’t be recycled. They’ll also be able to access articles, podcasts and quizzes all related to becoming a better recycler, according to the app developer, Waste 360.

“We’re constantly looking for ways to make our residents’ lives easier, and Recycle Coach does just that. Important collection information is at our fingertips through an easy to use app on the smart devices we all use every day,” said Manchester Township Public Works Director Al Yodakis. “Recycle Coach will make it easier to keep our community clean while helping the environment by increasing recycling rates.”

Getting the Recycle Coach app up and running takes only a couple of minutes: search for “Recycle Coach” in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, download and install, then search for your home address. An interactive calendar will be displayed, showing pick up dates and other important information regarding waste management. These same Recycle Coach features may also be accessed through a web browser at www.recyclecoach.com.

Through the Recycle Coach app or website, users can: find out when to put out recyclables and solid waste for pickup, ask questions about what is recyclable, receive specific communication from their town or county, read articles about becoming better recyclers, stay informed of missed pickups or holiday collection schedules, listen to educational podcasts, take interactive quizzes, and more. A ‘What Goes Where’ database within the app will be especially helpful for knowing where to recycle a variety of materials.

“We’re very excited the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection shares our vision of an online community where residents and levels of government come together to generate better recycling outcomes,” said Recycle Coach President Creighton Hooper in a DEP news release. “Recycle Coach makes it easier for residents to get the personalized information they need, while local governments enjoy operational efficiencies and lower communication costs.”

The app was purchased by the Chris Christie Administration and just recently introduced throughout the State of New Jersey. As of 2015, New Jersey had recycled 43 percent of its municipal residential waste, which is well above the national average of 34 percent, and within reach of the state’s longstanding goal of a 50 percent recycling rate.