On February 12, 2024, Mayor Rob Arace and the Manchester Township Council had the opportunity to publicly honor the life and legacy of Mr. Julius C. Bee, an exemplary resident and staple of our community who passed away last month.

Mayor Arace read a Proclamation in honor of Mr. Bee in front of residents and very special guests, his wife Mrs. Thelma Bee and son Mr. Daniel Dant.

“Mr. Julius Bee lived a life exemplifying dedication, service, and love for his community,” reads the Proclamation. “Let us carry forward the spirit of Mr. Bee’s kindness, generosity, and commitment to community, ensuring that his memory continues to inspire us for generations to come.”

The full text of the Proclamation is attached for all to read.

A grateful township thanks you, Mr. Bee, for the many years of selfless dedication you gave to make our community a better place.