Today Manchester Mayor Robert Hudak announced the securing of a DCA grant that will be utilized to upgrade the Tuskegee Airmen community park.

“I’m pleased to share with our community that the State Department of Community Affairs has awarded our community with a $80,000 grant, through their Local Recreation Improvement Grant (LRIG) program. This grant will be utilized alongside a $35,000 grant we received through the federal CDBG program to upgrade this same park with new playground equipment and rehabilitate the basketball courts,” stated Mayor Hudak. “I would like to thank Colliers Engineering and Public Works Director Al Yodakis for their diligence on this grant submission which secured these additional grant funds to complete this important project and we hope to have this project bid out this summer.”

Out of several hundred applicants, Manchester was one of 162 applications that was awarded and is tied for the largest grant allotment in Ocean County. The LRIG program was created to assist local governments in repairing and upgrading their parks, playgrounds, and recreational facilities into spaces that promote people’s physical and mental well-being.