Here you will find important information and documents needed for attending a virtual court session.


Please fully read all of the information before attempting to join the Virtual Court Meeting below.

Watch this video for more information on attending Virtual Court

If you arrive after court has started,  you must click here to watch the opening statement before joining the virtual courtroom.

There are multiple ways of joining a virtual court session, each with different requirements.

  • PC/Mac Laptop or desktop – will require a browser which will run Zoom Meeting as needed.  A microphone and video camera are required.
  • Smart Phone – install the Zoom Cloud Meetings app and allow access to your camera and microphone.
  • Call in – You can dial into the proceeding and appear by phone.  Dialing *9 during the conference call will raise your hand if you are called on for attendance.  *6 will unmute you to be heard when called on.

Keys to a successful Zoom Virtual Court Appearance:

  • Set up in a closed room with no noise or other people.
  • Connect to the meeting using your real first and last name on the display. You may not be admitted without a proper name on the calendar.
  • Be sure to allow any connections to audio or video by Zoom.
  • If you are not successful with video, be prepared to call in to the phone number listed with the Zoom meeting information. This number is listed below.  It will change from meeting to meeting.
  • If you show up 30 minutes early, someone will be available to test prior to your appearance.

Court documents you may need:

PLEASE NOTE – If you have questions or concerns for an upcoming scheduled court matter, please call 732-657-8121 ext 3400 and leave a message.  A court employee will respond with the information you need to appear.

As per AOC rules, audio and video recording of the proceedings are strictly prohibited.  If you would like a copy of the proceeding, you can fill out a judiciary request form which can be found at New Jersey Courts Online.

July 2024

July 3, 2023


July 10 , 2024

9:30/10:30 am- Manchester Municipal Court, ALL PARTIES ARE TO APPEAR IN PERSON

2:00 pm- Plumsted  Municipal Court, VIRTUAL  APPEARANCE CALENDAR


ID- 925 1677 9176

PASSCODE- 122626

July 17 , 2024

9:30 am, Lakehurst Municipal Court, VIRTUAL 1ST APPEARANCE CALENDAR


ID- 936 4612 4626

PASSCODE- 991254

3:30 pm- Manchester Municipal Court – VIRTUAL 1st APPERANCE CALENDAR


ID- 933 2043 3345

PASSCODE- 169404

July 24, 2024

9:30/10:30 am, Manchester Municipal Court, ALL PARTIES ARE TO APPEAR IN PERSON

2:00 pm- Plumsted Municipal Court -ALL PARTIES ARE TO APPEAR IN PERSON


What to do after your court appearance


If you were given fines in Municipal court and would like to pay over the phone , please call 732-657-8121 ext 3400.  We accept Visa and Mastercard.  We will be placing your fines on a time payment and sending out your paperwork by mail. Please leave your name, number and complete address on the voicemail and someone will return your call.