Safe Exchange Zone 1


Manchester Township has established a “Safe Exchange Zone” at the Municipal Complex where residents can complete online purchase transactions and make child custodial exchanges. The “Safe Exchange Zone” was created as a means of addressing safety concerns brought about by patrons involved with online purchases from websites such as Craigslist, eBay, Facebook, and classified ads, as well as to provide a safe location for families with visitation rights to make custodial exchanges.

This “Safe Exchange Zone”, which is located in the main visitor parking lot on the northeast side of the Manchester Township Municipal Complex on Colonial Drive, is well-lit and under continuous video surveillance. The designated exchange area consists of two clearly marked parking spaces adjacent to town hall, where buyers, sellers and families can meet and make exchanges. The marked area is under 24-hour video surveillance which is recorded by state-of-the-art high definition security cameras.

While the “Safe Exchange Zone” provides a safe area for buyers and sellers to meet, it is important to remember that people you meet online are strangers and can pose dangers. Not every buyer or seller you meet online is someone who is true with their intent. When making arrangements to complete online transactions face-to-face, residents are reminded:

  • Complete all transactions during daylight hours, if possible
  • Bring a cell phone in case of emergency
  • Notify friends or family about the details of the exchange beforehand
  • Never invite strangers to their home or agree to meet at a stranger’s home
  • Reconsider any transaction with an individual who refuses to meet at a “Safe Exchange Zone” such as our own
  • Township and/or Police Department employees may not be asked to act as witnesses, or be a part of these transactions in any capacity