To Manchester Residents, Friends and Supporters:

Yesterday (June 24, 2021), the New Jersey Senate voted to confirm my nomination to serve as a Judge in the Superior Court. Becoming a judge has always been my career aspiration and I am extremely humbled to be selected.

As the saying goes, when one door opens another shuts. My time as your Mayor has come to an end. Earlier today, I submitted my letter of resignation. The next Mayor will be chosen by the Township Council and I am confident whomever is selected will continue to lead the town in a direction that improves our residents’ day to day lives.

I want to personally thank you for bestowing the honor and privilege of serving as your Mayor for the past six and one half years. With the trust you provided me, I have tried to make decisions that would improve your daily lives. I am proud of the many accomplishments over the past six and one half years. From incorporating the leaf vacuum into our fall clean up to refurbishing our parks, implementing the energy aggregation program, improving our infrastructure and bolstering our emergency services, we have accomplished a lot in a short amount of time.

There are so many people to thank. All of the accomplishments I mentioned above and beyond are due to the wonderful employees in our township. They are smart, capable and dedicated to Manchester Township. I want to thank the current township Council and prior members. When I was elected, I didn’t know them but appreciated their support over the years. I especially would like to publicly thank my assistants Jeanne Cribbin (in my law office) and Margaret Camposano (in town hall). These two ladies have kept my life organized, made it possible to work two demanding jobs, been two of my most trusted confidants and two of my best friends. I also want to thank Donna Markulic and James Gant, the real brains behind the operation! Of course, I have to thank my wife and children. They have always been encouraging and understanding each time I had to come home late, take a call or miss a family event. Anybody who serves in this job must either be single or have an incredible spouse (which I do).

Lastly, and most importantly, thank you residents for the humbling honor to be your Mayor. I am proud to say I served Manchester Township.

Lastly, in case anyone was wondering, barring any unforeseen set backs, the new water tower will be operational in the fall and we should not have any lawn watering restrictions next summer!

Humbled and appreciative,