In an effort to make leaf disposal easier for residents, as well as to reduce the man-hours Public Works personnel spend on collection, Manchester Township officials are pleased to announce the implementation of two new leaf vacuums.

Leaf Vac (2)

“These collection units will make yard maintenance easier for our residents since leaves no longer need to be bagged for collection,” said Public Works Director Al Yodakis. “All residents need to do is rake or blow their leaves to the edge of the roadway in neat rows, parallel to the frontage of the property line. From there, our crews will vacuum the leaves. No bags are necessary.”

“We are proud to offer an additional service to the town which will help residents and help our employees streamline their work,” added Mayor Kenneth Palmer.

Director Yodakis noted that leaves should not extend onto the residents’ property, and no brush, sticks or other debris may be mixed in with leaf piles. If any material is comingled with the leaf piles, the entire pile will not be collected. On specific zone collection days, residents must ensure they remove vehicles from the roadway where leaf piles are located.

Leaf Vac (1)

The collection scheduling remains the same, and can be found by visiting the Manchester Township website at and clicking on the “2016 Recycling & Bulk Pick Up Schedule” button.

These two units, 2016 Xtreme Vacs, were approved for purchase during the May 10, 2016, Township Council meeting for a total of $112,000. According to Director Yodakis, a cost savings is anticipated due to the reduction of employee man-hours spent on leaf collection. The primary benefit, according to officials, is saving residents time and the often back-breaking labor of bagging their leaves.