Manchester Township has been matched with an Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) Climate Corps Fellow who will provide expertise and support for evaluation, planning and implementation of projects that will help improve the energy performance of the facilities.

Mayor Palmer is pleased to take part in the program to improve energy efficiency in Manchester’s municipal buildings. “We are always looking at energy efficiency, to save taxpayer dollars, and to reduce greenhouse gases,” he said.

This technical assistance program has been made possible through funding provided by New Jersey Natural Gas (NJNG).  Since 2015, Sustainable Jersey, with the support of NJNG, has placed 18 EDF Fellows to assist a total of 25 school districts and 24 municipalities. “We are proud of our partnership with Sustainable Jersey – now in its 11th year – to help connect communities with the resources they need to make wise energy choices,” said Anne-Marie Peracchio, director of conservation and clean energy policy for NJNG. “The host towns and schools will benefit greatly from this unique opportunity as the Climate Corps Fellows provide guidance and insight to help them address challenges and plan customized energy-efficiency solutions that help advance their sustainability goals.”

Since the Climate Corps program’s inception in 2008, over 1,100 graduate students have been placed in more than 520 leading organizations spanning the United States and China. Together they have helped identify energy savings worth more than $1.6 billion, the equivalent of 2.2 million metric tons in carbon emissions. Climate Corps® Director Scott Wood said, “With public school districts and local municipalities often looking to do more with less and to meet their aggressive sustainability targets, Climate Corps has proven to be a valuable resource. Fellows are helping jumpstart and accelerate climate and energy projects that can cut costs and reduce carbon emissions. Every dollar saved on energy is a dollar that can be reinvested in the community and help the mission of these important institutions.”

The EDF Fellows will begin work in June 2021. Sustainable Jersey provides guidance to the EDF Fellows to help them advise participating schools and municipalities about resources specific to New Jersey, as well as initiatives that earn points toward the Sustainable Jersey certification program.

“Supporting municipalities and schools with technical expertise to do sustainable energy projects is an important step toward our goal of a sustainable New Jersey,” said Sustainable Jersey Executive Director Randall Solomon. “Now more than ever, we need our municipal and school district leaders to emphasize and more importantly to showcase how solving climate change also builds a healthier, stronger economy and a more resilient future for all.” Sustainable Jersey has been placing EDF Climate Corps Fellows since 2015.

Manchester Township has received Sustainable Jersey certification for many years through the efforts of Manchester’s Supervising Engineer Joe Veni, working hand-in-hand with our energy partners.

Sustainable Jersey is a non-profit organization that provides tools, training and financial incentives to support communities as they pursue sustainability programs. Currently, 81 percent or 458 of New Jersey’s 565 municipalities are participating in the municipal certification program and 372 school districts and 1,021 schools are participating in the Sustainable Jersey for Schools certification program.