As reported to you in the fall of 2005, the Ocean County Board of   Taxation ordered the township to conduct a Reassessment to be completed by tax   year 2008. The Assessor’s office conducted more than a dozen public meetings for   residents to obtain information concerning the Reassessment process and to   answer any related questions. Reassessment is the process of appraising all real   estate in a municipality according to its full and fair value, to ensure that   each property owner pays their fair share of taxes. The process is revenue   neutral, meaning the purpose is not to raise property taxes. The purpose is to   ensure that the property tax assessments are fair and equitable. The last   reassessment in the township was in 1997.

One of the requirements of the Reassessment process is to complete   an inspection of all properties in the Township. We have completed 13,500   inspections or 90% of the residential houses. Inspections are still being   completed in the Whiting section of the Township. The resident’s cooperation   with the inspection process has been tremendous and is greatly appreciated. Once   all of the inspections are completed the Assessor’s office will begin the   valuation process. The market value for each property in the township will be   determined as of October 1, 2007. We have been closely monitoring changes in the   real estate market and the changes will be reflected in the market value of each   property. Each property owner will be sent a notice informing them of the new   assessed value. The letters will be sent to each property owner during the   months of November and December 2007. Residents will be given the opportunity to   arrange for an informal review of the new assessments. The impact of the new   assessments will not affect the property owner’s tax bill until the 2008 tax   year.

A reassessment does not necessarily mean an increase in taxes for   every homeowner. The tax rate will go down significantly to compensate for the   increase in the assessed values. Since not all properties have appreciated in   value at the same rate, some tax bills will go up, some will stay the same and   others will go down.

You can obtain additional information about the Reassessment   process by accessing the Township’s website at If any resident   should have a question or concern related to the reassessment, they should   contact the Tax Assessor’s office at 732-657-8121.